Us citizens go to MEDIEVAL GERMAN Pageant #Germany #travel

Silas and Conner go to a Medieval German pageant (Hayner Burgfest) in Dreieichenhain, Germany!
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  1. In my home town we have a medieval festival were the town centre stays in this medieval set up for like… Two weeks. It's great! People actually live in tents and stuff, and big fights get recreated with canons and all!

  2. Conner you're so humble man…how come you never get irritated or show any kind of attitude in any of your videos. Is it even possible to be like that all the time? cool thing about your videos are your curiosity to the details and you're always appreciating. You do have a great calling from God. God bless you!

  3. Me never was on such a medieval festival dang. You were at soccer, had beer, Brezel and Schnitzel mit Pommes Majo und Ketchup PLUS this thing…you now know more about my country than I do man ^^

  4. So cute to see you discovering that market, as my family and friends and I go to things like that like 5 times a year all dressed up. Refreshing to see the reaction of someone who is new to it. A thousand Dollars for food… haha, loved that part… but it´s true^^

  5. you have to visit the wartburg by Eisenach. its a really beautiful castle on a hill and also the place where martin luther translated the bible. They even have a medieval themed market in December and its all just amazing 🙂

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