Uruguay Travel – Sights, highlights and insider tips

Uruguay Travel is not as popular as travelling to the neighboring countries of Argentina or Brasil. But the little country of Uruguay has a lot to offer! In this video I show you all the sights, highlights and insider tips for your own personal Uruguay travel experience!

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And find more pictures of classic cars in Uruguay here:

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Ricardo Tanturi – Bien Criolla y Bien Portena
Francisco Fiorentino – Anibal Troilo
Nestor Garnica – El Olvidao



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    República Oriental del Uruguay,país de América del Sur,en la parte oriental del Cono Sur. Limita al noreste con Brasil —estado de Río Grande del Sur—, al oeste y suroeste con Argentina —provincias de Entre Ríos,Corrientes, Buenos Aires y la Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires—tiene costas en el océano Atlántico por el sur.Abarca 176 215 km²,es el segun do país más pequeño de Sudamérica,después de Surinam.Según datos del último censo en 2011,la población de Uruguay es de 3 286 314 habitantes​, con lo que figura en la décima posición entre los países sudamericanos.

  2. In my life I feel like i has been looking for this destined place and i know when i am closer and farther. And I know when i find it. I know its Uruguay now that ive watched this video. thank you

  3. Hello how are you and health really nice efforts may I want to come to Uruguay for settlement while I have need of your help and guide about details as well as possible thanks

  4. Never thought of Uruguay in my life…but this video makes me want to live there.
    I wouldn't call the beaches pretty….since I'm used to Caribbean beaches….but being close to the ocean is still a plus.
    Is the ocean water warm like in the Caribbean, or cold.

  5. Excellent Vlog!!! I was there 10 years ago. I drove through 15 of the 19 "departamentos" in Uruguay, and I took many, many pictures of the numerous classic cars there as well. I met many wonderful people there, just by my wife and I, touring ourselves. I was totally enamored by my experiece there. We met the The Guiness World Record book holder for his pencil collection, he lives just outside of Colonia de Sacramento. You are only scratching the surface of the many, many wonderful things to experience in Uruguay, people, cultural, and places wise. I love Uruguay so much that I think of myself as an unoffical cultural attache for Uruguay, here in the USA!! Great job on putting this together, thank you!

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