Unofficial Higher Velocity Tour of the Deutsches Panzermuseum #Germany #travel

Apparently the museum was emotion a little bit put out that I was accomplishing tours in other nations around the world but not this just one. So, I experienced to arrive and solution that. The Panzer Museum, entrance to back again. Even though right here, I could do a very little filming….

09:forty five. Mis-spoke, Intended to say Prototype variety 2 for the Leopard.

Corrections/explanations offered by the museum
We can insert some particulars, if we may perhaps.

01:thirteen That is a “Krupp-Protze” (
01:39 Unhappy indeed, but doing the job on it. Aiming for 2020.
02:twenty five We break the MYTHS, we’re not crushing their souls. Or not deliberately, at least. )
05:47 “K-rad”?
07:47 37mm was eradicated, mainly because the Germans utilized it for Border regulate in the BGS. There really should be an MG, nevertheless.
07:55 Only in trials, but htese trials had been held in Munster, so …
08:56 Once again, only in trials.
11:11 Our refueller would not search like just one mainly because it just isn’t just one. It is our typical 5t with a decontamination package.
thirteen:07 The radar provides it absent as a BRM-1K which makes it form of distinctive: Only 15 had been utilized in East Germany.
thirteen:eighteen That is an A1 – the only just one left.
fourteen:30 Pretty the reverse: While Every thing was accessible back again then, the contemporaries had been to heady with Cold War victory and unsuccessful to safe the stuff. Our East German materiel is few in quantities and in alternatively mediocre shape.
20:forty three The reduce hull of the M-forty eight proved to have great characteristics in opposition to mine explosions.


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  1. It would be great to see you do seriously in-depth talks on main battle tanks and give your opinions on their pros and cons. The new developments with the Challenger 2 comes to mind, Black Knight and other extension programmes, whether or not, you think they are good or bad ideas, and your other opinions, would be much appreciated because you have a lot of practical experience and you seem to do very in-depth research into your topics. For, there is so much out there upon the tank subject that lacks an awful lot of serious expertise, which leaves me personally, very frustrated when watching such programmes and videos.

  2. The banks probs had Roland as it is/was a decent point defence SAM…and maybe there was a gap to be fillled at some point in time…
    What do they even field today in the realm of mobile air defence that actually travels with…armoured battalion ir even company Roland did? Uk has that starstreak…us doesnt use that as well do they?

  3. 2:15 cause the germans are now extreem leftists, and wanna destroy their own history and play it down as much as possible, the good and the bad!, so when someone comes to the museum that is facinated by ww2 german tech aka NAZI tech, they will try to down play it as much as possible, also because in germany you cant glorify any nazi thing or even mention it i think!, they are really extreem left!.

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