Unforgettable Weekend in a Key Village in Spain #Spain #travel

Uncover authentic rural Spanish tradition and Spanish village everyday living! A weekend of outstanding Spanish cooking, meals and tradition in a top secret village in Spain!

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Additional ABOUT THIS VID!
Have you ever puzzled what it would be like to everyday living in a magical Spanish village. We will, this online video is all about Spanish meals, Spanish village everyday living, and Spanish tradition. Many thanks to Laura & Esme of Esmetours (esmetours.com), about the training course of a weekend we roast a toddler goat in a common oven, we consume rice with rabbit and quail, we check out the beautiful stone houses and we even get to hear a Spanish bagpipes! All in a gorgeous, dreamlike village referred to as Pozos.

I was invited to Pozos by Laura & Esme of Esme Excursions who run gastronomic retreats (including Spanish cooking courses) in a the village in the northern Spanish province of Leon. So if you are scheduling to travel to Spain whenever soon, certainly look at out their experiences at esmetours.com and abide by them on Instagram at @esmetours!

Also in this online video are my good friends and co-founders in Devour Excursions Lauren Aloise (Spain blogger at @spanishsabores) and Alejandro Cabrera. They just lately bought an previous stone house in the village and they are likely to do it up. So we check out their ruin as effectively!



  1. I found out that Pozos is only a pedania of Truchas in the province of León with a population of around sixty souls. I am surprised that it has such a sophisticated butcher's. Even Truchas, which has just 413 inhabitants, would surprise me to have such a large meat establishment. I would imagine a butcher's like that to be in a town of at least a thousand souls. Did you go to a larger town like Ponferrada to film that part?

  2. ¡Gran vídeo! ¡Qué lástima mi pobre inglés! Jeje. Cuando estés en Madrid.. Recorre lugares de la provincia de Guadalajara. ¡¡Te sorprenderán!!

  3. Enhorabuena por el video! En él se pueden apreciar las tradiciones que han ido pasando de generación en generación en concreto en un pueblo castellano. Mi familia es de Soria, muy bonito también y todavía con muchos lugares por descubrir. Si te gustó el cordero asado, te recomiendo que hagas una visita a Soria, no te arrepentirás!

  4. in this world of technolegy ;;; if my choices are new york sudney pairis are any village in world anywhere;;; my first choice is a small clean % peacfull village

  5. Please take one of those old stone houses and make it yours, we will call it 'La casa del inglés' and it will remain like that for generations. People will wonder why and only a few of us will now why. Other englishmen have visited our country like Tolkien or Orwell and I think is your destiny to be among them. Write books about us, or just keep doing YouTube ) , but keep with the good work my fellow countryman.

  6. very important video, life in the villages is getting lost little by little, and its a pity, i live in a villlage, and i see how people have to move away to the cities, we had in the Serrania Celtiberica lots of villages like this, and now most of them are abbandoned. grat video, hope young people will come again to the villages!

  7. Hi James. The food looks great. Does the village chef with the distinctive white mo run a restaurant there? Real country cooking the antithesis of Nouvelle cuisine which is fine by me. The bagpipes seem a little incongruous to me.

  8. I'm a Spaniard. And like me, i see a lot of your audience is spanish aswell, quite interesting. I love your work. And appreciate your effort to spread a little of the autenticity of our gastronomy. I think we spaniards have a litte low self esteem in regards of how little the world knows about the quality of our food and products. Compared for instance with france and italy. It seems we didn't do too well promoting our products as they did. So thank you for that. On the other hand. Since we are starting to sell more and more high quality ham overseas it seems it is getting more difficult and expensive to get the quality stuff in Spain. I gess there is always a downside in everything 🙂

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