Tucker responds to backlash above South Africa report

Tucker: As land seizures based on skin colour exhibits, South Africa is after yet again turning out to be a place the place an entire group of people is focused for discrimination and violence on the basis of their skin colour. In the west, we punish only the guilty. We do not punish their descendants, or everybody with the exact same hair and eye colour. Now the people who operate our place are not so absolutely sure. #Tucker

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  1. Yes, the old apartheid government did take land from black owners. But what people forget is that the same government took land from white owners to form the tribal lands in South Africa. Where do I get this? Im a white south african boer, and my grandfathers land was taken by the apartheid government to form the Swazi tribal lands.

  2. Is the USA not interested in our gold and Uranium anymore?????…..If they dont make a positive statement all these resources are going to go to China who are deeply entrenched in ANC leaders pockets……

  3. Tucker I stay in South Africa and YOUR NEWS IS WACK. Please take a trip to this beautiful country and stay for long so that we can teach you few things about the people we are.

  4. Excuse me but why is it that 75Percent of all arable land in SA owned by whites. This rant is that of a dying colonial imperial superpower, which can't help but meddle in each and every countries internal affairs. Fortunately Africa no longer looks west for anything.

  5. Leftists are idiots if they really wanted this white genocide to be easy and go about it fast and actually make it fully happen and complete their evil plan they would be more careful and would not speak on it or hate in white people that's why more and more whites world white are getting tired and voting right wing and nationalist parties in and that's a good thing for us.

  6. Land Reform never works. It destroys third world agricultural production and reduce efficient profitable large farmlands into useless mismanaged lots in the hands of non farmer cronies and hand to mouth poor incompetent small subsistence farmers. It is a Communist idea oppose to any property rights. It is important to follow where the seized land titles of the expropriated farmlands goes to. Land Bank gets the seized land titles and delivers them to the big bank cartels. The beneficiaries of the expropriated lands don't get the lands for free for they must pay for it like mortgage with interest to really own it in the long run. Without true assistance most of these subsistence farmers cannot afford to pay the mortgage of the lent land and so in the end most of the expropriated land ends up in the hands of the bank cartels.

  7. I am currently living on a farm in South Africa, have never been part of Apartheid, please understand that whats happening here will set a precedent for many countries, when the ridiculous debate of who first owned the land starts understand that the whole of civilization will fall apart.


  9. The annoying thing is when the left rubs every thing down as being lies or worse, that these actions are justified. I am a South-African in my 30’s and have lived most my live outside of apartheid. I remember sitting with groups of black people and eating with them and socialising. Now you get treated as if you are a pest or parasite that has to be removed. The discrimination with the BEE system is just as bad as the expropriation without compensation. The government and media did a great job to divide the country and creating a new enemy…the white man!!! Thanks be to God that I can now live in New Zealand!

  10. Julius Malema is just like your beloved President Donald Trump while on the campaign trail and his recent rallies, i guess every country has one crazy erratic over-zealot politician, He is tired of being politically correct and doing what is good for their Base and Race. American has myriads of issues,Trump should solve all America problems before thinking of solving the worlds problem, plus this is a matter of South African principles not race connected

  11. If we’re going to condemn this we also need to end our support for the Saudi war in Yemen. We’re refueling their planes and giving them material and logistical support to commit horrific war crimes and almost no one in America is talking about it. It’s good that we’re bringing this to the fore but we have to go farther to be better.

  12. The land expropriations are just the tip of the iceberg. Affirmative action in the workplace, called BEE which you can google, has been implemented 15 years ago and is affecting white people born after apartheid.
    Quota systems in sport another very good example. Our Rugby, Cricket, Hockey and Netball national teams needs to be 50 percent black now, and it's a forced policy, meaning no matter how poor the black player or how good the white player in question is, the policy has to be implemented.
    Our Afrikaans speaking schools are being threatened to take in black pupils, despite Afrikaans not being their home language, in order to try and force the schools to scrap Afrikaans as a whole.
    Our Universities are forced to take in blacks ahead of whites, no matter the academic achievements. Meaning, even though a white student that averaged 75 in school is a higher achiever compared to a black student that averaged say 65, if space allows only one of them they must take the black student.
    All of this are racist policies!!

  13. All whites come back to Europe, all Blacks go back to Africa … How about every ethnic group goes back to where their ancestors come from. Which race do you think will advance quicker, live more peacefully etc …. I suspect that deep down we all know the answer to that one don't we.

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