Trip to Italy with Grandma / Farmhouse, Natural Sounds for Relaxing #277

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I made this video by imagining going on a trip with my beloved grandmother. Not long ago, I found a handwritten letter from my grandmother while I was organizing my drawers. It was so touching to read. I could feel how much she loved me.

My grandmother is almost 90 years old, but she still loves reading. And she is a wise, warm-hearted person. My grandmother said she wanted to go on a trip someday. At that time, I asked my grandmother to come with me. But time has passed, and my grandmother is in the hospital now because she has difficulty moving around. So I can’t go to reality, but I’m going to leave with a video.

We’re leaving for a small town in Italy. It is a peaceful place with a wide plain. We came to the farmhouse here. I will rest well, read books, and sleep well for a week. I take a walk with my grandmother and eat a lot of delicious food. Most of all, I’m looking forward to listening to my grandmother’s interesting story. I want to spend hours sitting in the warm sunshine.

Imagine going on a trip with someone you love.😉
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