Trip to COLOGNE, GERMANY!! (First Time in Köln – German Road Trip) #Germany #travel

Stop #2 on our Road Trip is Cologne, Germany!! Köln is the 4th biggest city in Germany with a population size over one million. We were excited to check out this area and see how it differs from our prior stop in Dusseldorf!

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  1. This was our second stop on our Germany trip to find the best city. We were pleasently surprised by how nice the vibe in Cologne was. Also: "Himmel und Äd"," Halve Hahn"… never heard of it! What do you think, which dish would be your favorite? Which cities should we visit next?

  2. If you want to realy have some of the nicest Variety of Saugages including Blood Sausage , liver Sausage and air smoked Sausage you should check out the Hessian Region around The "Meisner Mountain", Sontra , Eschwege als Ulfen. On the Mountain itself there is a spot where you have a Restaurant With nice dining and a nice view. Also you can buy Sausage there. Another Restaurant I can Recoment in the region ist "Kloppers Brauhaus" in Sontra. There are also many regional Butchers where you even can get some of the stuff online . One I know of is called "der Teichhof".

  3. The Apple Sauce belongs to the Himmel un Ääd , it´s the Himmel because it grows on trees . The potatoe is the Ääd becuase potatoes are growing in the Ground "Ääd"… Therefor its known as Himmel un Ääd which is served with Blutwurst…

  4. The love lock tradition started in a town called Vrnjačka Banja in Serbia. There, shortly before the First World War, a young man and woman fell in love, and would meet every night at the Most Ljubavi bridge in town.

  5. I've only been to Germany in December. Cologne was the coldest of all locations we visited. FREEZING! We did enjoy Trier (south on the Rhine then Mosel, best Gluwein we had on the trip) and Bernkastle-Kues (met very friendly locals here!) Overall, we loved the Rhine region.

  6. The very special thing of Cologne
    Is the people living there. It is easy to get in touch.
    Deshalb kriegen manche Konzerte oder sportliche Großereignisse eine nicht erklärbare Eigendynamik.
    Man ist gern der "12.Mann" .

  7. 1. Yes cologne is the town where it all started with the Love Locks. And if you tie a rope arround a magnet and throw it ito to the river and pull it up again you should have 1000's of keys hanging on it.
    2. Off course that was Willi Millowitsch. He was the owner of the very famous Millowitsch Theater in the middle of Cologne
    3. I wonder that you didn't take the chance of a "Brauhaustour" through several "Brauhäuser" arround the mid town. You can book cologne underground where you can see a lot of historical stuff which is left back from the roman empire and you visit certain original Kölsch Brauhäuser and also a lot of historical stuff of the "Kölsche Braukunst".
    4. Rheinischer Sauerbraten is the best you can get. Original home made Sauerbraten is made of horse meat.
    5. Cologne cathedrals constuction time is 600 years … just for info.
    6. The area of these crane buildungs is called "Zollhafen"

    But how can you just visit cologne and leave Aachen behind. Aachen is one of the oldest cities in germany and the cathedral and the old town hall is much older than colgne. 😉

  8. But why did you try the worst Kölsch there is? Früh Kölsch is like water with adetives and I´m not just saying it because I´m from Düsseldorf, since Gaffel Kölsch, Reißdorf and others are actually good blonde beers. In Düsseldorf there is a restaurant called "Himmel und Ähd, it´s a typical dish in this entire rhine area. And Düsseldorf is more one sided, because most of the other side isn´t Düsseldorf anymore, moving up and down from the Altstadt, the other side belongs to other smaler cities.

  9. Should have visited Bonn! Obviously smaller but still close enough to cologne, nice place and a large international population here because of the UN and the the likes of t mobile / DHL

  10. Also das schreit doch geradezu nach einer kulinarischen Reise durch Deutschland.
    – Harzer Roller
    – Aale Worscht
    – Scheufele
    – Möppchenbrod (aber auf jeden Fall mit Rübenkraut essen!)
    – Kieler Sprotten
    – Maultaschen
    – Schepperlinge
    – Wurstsuppe (die dicke Variante, nicht das wässrige Zeug das man heute in Gaststätten zum Schlachteessen bekommt)
    – Gebratene Oma (also nicht die echte / eigene 😉 )
    – Grünkohl und Pinkel
    – und noch mehr wie ein dutzend weiterer kulinarische Spezialitäten die ich hier bestimmt noch vergessen habe

  11. It' so interesting to see the city, i moved to 3 years ago, from a tourists perspective.. like i love the city ,especially the parts around the bridge and the park but since i live here it of course feels different

  12. D: Das Apfelmus gehört nicht zum Sauerbraten, sondern ist der Himmel in "Himmel un Ääd" – Äpfel des Himmels und der Erde (=Kartofeln)
    E: The applesauce did not come with the sauerbraten but is the heaven in "Himmel un Ääd" – apples of heaven and apples from earth (=potatoes)
    By the way: you found the best city to live in

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