Trip Log #2: Buenos Aires

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  1. If you, Steve Kaufman, or anybody in the comments answer this questions, I'd be really happy:
    Even though I watch many of your videos, one thing is still not clear to me:
    -If I listen to stuff like podcasts or videos in Japanese (my target language), will I improve? Like, just listen, and don't understand almost anything – just as background sound while doing other stuff -, will I really improve anything. I understand that the accent will improve, but, REPETITIVE LISTENING without understand almost anything, will make me improve or acquire new words or vocabulary out of the blue?? I know you (Steve Kaufman) talked about this in other videos, but it's not yet clear, and if you could answer me that personally (or anybody), I'll be able to sleep again. Thank you Steve Kaufman, for indirectly tutoring my language learning! You gan yourself a big fan here! Obrigado aí!

  2. Hi! welcome to my country! I'm from Rosario, just 3 hours away from Buenos Aires. Hope you have an amazing time while in here! you should certainly try "Alfajores" they are a typical sweet from Argentina that consists of two cookies stuffed with "dulce de leche" covered with chocolate!

  3. I was there over a decade ago and dreamed of going back to live, maybe in Bariloche. Unfortunately, I have heard the crime rate has shot sky high everywhere, though you seem to be doing ok!

  4. Welcome to argentina steve, besides alfajores, empanadas, mate and asado, dont forget to take at last 1 tango lesson. Visit the woman's bridge and have a coffee around, visit la fragata sarmiento, recoleta cementery, el Cabildo and Palacio Barolo (inspired in the divine comedy)

  5. 私はアルゼンチンに住みます!ブエノスアイレスの主人です。ずっと前からあなたの動画を見て、言語については色々な事を習いました、ありがとうございます!

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