Trevor Noah’s Stories From South Africa | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah always takes the opportunity to weigh in on stories affecting his home country, South Africa. For one episode, Trevor takes the show to his grandmother’s house in South Africa to give us peek into his personal journey growing up under apartheid.

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  1. Education is the only way to get out of proverty. Fight the system my African brothers and sisters, much love from Toronto ❤️

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  5. What about the xenophobic attacks on other African Brothers? Man you're in a position where your voice is heard you should tackle this issues as well (just saying)

  6. Guys can you please stop judging him for a few xenophobic attacks in South Africa? He comes from South Africa he is not the president. I guess all Americans should apologise every day for the mass shootings and the wars that US has started…according to your reasoning.

  7. So comedy central is just gonna ignore xenophobia in South Africa but you make fun of every country including USA but South Africa you cant touch on the xenophobia rampage

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