Treasures of Venice: neighborhood boat excursions

Private boat lease in Venice, we make attention-grabbing boat excursions all over Venice.
We really like Venice and would like to share our really like with you.
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Our boat is known as “Alice”.
It is a six meters boat that can convey on board up to seven folks, some details and figures about our boat:
✔️ virtually new – developed in 2018 and in use from summer time of 2018
✔️ open up boat – means with no cabin like a cabrio auto
✔️ 600w stereo for a superior tunes
✔️ USB charger for your mobile cellular phone
✔️ new “Suzuki” engine ample to attain a pace of 50 km/h
✔️officially licensed for boat excursions in Venice means also that all devices for protection motives is on board
✔️ desk (*on request)


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