Travelling to Italy during a Pandemic. Why Italy needs tourists.

At the start of the pandemic, Italy was one of the worst affected countries in Europe. But as of June 3rd, Italy has opened its borders to a number of European countries without requiring visitors to quarantine. Is it safe to be travelling to Italy right now, and why are they so keen to be welcome in millions of foreign tourists so soon after lockdown?

Venice is sinking?! Mass tourism explained:

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0:00 – 0:34 The spread of the Coronavirus
0:35 – 1:21 Flying to Italy during COVID-19
1:22 – 1:56 An introduction to Sardinia
1:57 – 2:10 Prepping to travel during a Pandemic
2:11 – 2:38 Are people coming to Italy?
2:39 – 3:35 Tourism in Italy explained.
3:36 – 4:01 Can Italy recover and still prevent the 2nd wave?
4:02 – 4:30 The plan to find out more
4:31 – 6:06 Coronavirus in Italy explained.
6:07 – 6:17 Meeting Angelo
6:18 – 7:09 Italy’s Lockdown explained
7:10 – 7:53 Why we travel
7:54 – 08:05 Kickstarting the economy
8:06 – 8:41 Empty cities
8:42 – 9:09 How to visit a beach after lockdown
9:10 – 9:38 Beaches the new normal (Interview)
9:39 – 10:06 How COVID-19 affected local businesses (Interview)
10:07 – 10:38 Giuseppe Conte calculated risk
10:39 – 11:23 Will Italy see a spike in new cases?
11:24 – 11:52 Did he really just say that?!
11:53 – 12:24 Italy is adapting
12:25 – 12:56 Is now a good time to visit Italy?
12:57 – 13:18 Long haul travel still suspended
13:19 – 13:37 Doing what we can
13:38 – 13:51The experience travelling during COVID-19
13:52 – 14:11 Is this video out of date?
14:12 – 14:37 A long road to recovery
14:38 – 14:59 Outro


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