#traveldeals Private Car Hire/Leasing – maintenance or not?

Found by pops1975

Mornin All,

Wonder if you guys n gals have any advice on leasing the next car. Current is on last legs.. Vauxhall scrappage scheme is interesting – but have no intention of keeping.

Anyway since December is well under way, there are some decent offers to be had.. eg Golf GT edition 1.6tdi for £235/month with £500 down.. on PCH not PCP. (10k/annum)

This morning there Focus' 1.5 tdci Zetec Navigation witb appearance pack.. same terms as golf but works out around £210/month (initial is around £800 incl. fee).

Reason for considering lease is the old car needs injectors doing again so want maintenance stress/hassle free motoring for a while.

What are your experiences?



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