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I would like to know if I have a case Herero complain about.

I was to travel on a Pegasus airline from stansted airport to Cyprus.

Just before boarding the flight at 1.30 pm a lady came up to me and said my carry on bag was too big, she suggested to throw away stuff or pay £45

She said I am only allowed 8kg , I had 12kg and I reduced the carry on to 8kg and the others in my hand bag but she refused and said I need to have a total of 8kg including the hand bag.

I then offered to pay the £45 and gave them my credit card, they entered the card details on their computer 3 times and said the card was not going through, i explained that's the only card I hard and I had used it to purchase my train tickets that morning to stansted and I had no problems with it.

They then refused me from getting on the plane and I sat there and the plane left.

I asked to be rebooked on another flight and they said I needed to come back the next day as no more flights that day. This was a terrible blow to my travel plans.

I contacted my agent and got a flight to another airport in Cyprus same day and paid £150 cash .Went to cash point to withdraw cash lead by airport security.

This 2nd flight didn't question or ask anything about my carry on luggage . I arrived safely the same day, but I had to pay for a taxi to drive me for over an hour to my actual destination from this 2nd airport in Cyprus.

My questions are

1. Can I claim compensation for £150 I paid and the streess caused to me

2. Is it my fault that their system was not accepting my credit card , I asked to be billed or sent an invoice and they refused

3. If they had let me on that flight with 4kg extra what damage would it have caused the flight.

4 . I want to write directly to the chief executive of Pegasus but I can't see his email any where as I want to attach photos and receipts and for him to actually know what goes on in his business.

5. The complaint system they have on their website is tick boxes and I can't attach my photos

Sorry for the long post , what should I do, do I have a case here

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