Travel VLOG: My Week In GERMANY #Germany #travel

Hello there buddies! Glad you could be a part of me today. SO Make it possible for ME TO Explain…
The University of Northern Iowa’s Women’s Refrain ventured to the gorgeous state of Germany. This tour was crammed with four concerts in four remarkable churches, tons of site observing, and total, a likelihood to make some outstanding recollections. I hope you enjoy some of the highlights!

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Music Utilised:
-Ikson:”New Working day”

-Kronicle: “A different Chill Working day”

-Ikson: “Bliss”

-Avicii: “Fade Into Darkness” (ETERNUM Remix)

-Sappherios: “Dawn”


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  1. 3:12 o come on: it is the national memorial of the holocaust in Berlin. If you don´t know it, than don´t put it into the video. @Katie Payne. " What I I am even looking at"… like a high school student which doesn´t listen to the teacher."

  2. I liked the singing in the churches and the Biergarten. That last scene with 40 excited women in a bus with flickering lights, after each of them had a Maß Bier in the Hofbräuhaus almost seemed a bit scary though… – let’s just say it got my imagination going.

  3. Germans lack self-confidence for what happened in ww2. That is the reason why >95% of viewers of videos about Germany are Germans. I lived in Germany for at least 20 years and I am absolutely sure. I know Russians aswell. It is the very same deal.

  4. German Farmers market and bananas do not go well.. Germany does not grow bananas, so it would confuse me a lot if you could find some there! Greetings from Germany, hope you liked it here

  5. Nice Video, but i was shocked, when i saw the Lederhosendance. This is not Germany. lol
    We are a hightech-nation that is struggeling with a lot of (bavarian) clichés. 😉

  6. Hi there. Nice job on your video! I'm from Bettendorf, IA. and also went to Germany last month (and also Heidelberg too!) What a great country to visit! It looks like you also enjoyed your trip.

  7. The memorial at 3:00 with the thousands of concrete slabs is the memorial to the murdered Jews. If you go downstairs you will find a museum with the names of 3 million of the 7 million Jews that were killed in the Nazi conzentration camps.

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