What to expect when you visiting North Argentina. We didn’t knew that this would be such an incredible travel destination with magnificent views of such diversity of this beautiful country!

Argentina is a vast country located in the southern part of South America. It is the second largest country in South America after Brazil, and the eighth largest country in the world.
We explore the North of Argentina on a low budget road trip. From gorgeous landscapes to salt deserts & coloured mountains. There is just so much to see and so many highlights. One of the most famous is for example the waterfalls of Iguazú, these are just amazing, and of course Buenos Aires. But we also visit the hot springs in Fiambalá and take a drive on the famous Ruta 40.
There is such a variety in this country and to do this all in only 3 weeks.
We decided to travel though the Northern of Argentinie and to show you the best highlight of this part what to see and what you can do. Is it worth visiting?

This trip we are traveling together with an old friend of Bastiaan. Javier lives in Cordobá. Besides of the best tourist destinations we also visit some local and not so famous attractions and see a whole other perspective from Argentina.
Travel to the best places in Argentina is a travel guide video of our low budget road trip in Argentina. We have split this trip into shorter various episodes how are available as a series. If you want to see more of Argentina, this trip or who Javier is? Check this link:

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🖐 Hi everyone! For the people who don’t know us yet, we are Bastiaan & Yolanda. We are originally from the Netherlands. We have met each other in Spain in 2010 where we lived at that moment.
Decided to go back to Holland again where we got married in 2014.
Still very much in love! If you think a little bit too much, well that’s just the way we are 😉
Also we love sharing our passion of travelling. This #travelvlog started as a hobby and we met a lot of people during our travels. We decided to share our travel experience with other people who can’t travel but still want to see the world. But also for the people who can travel to give them some ideas for their next travel destination. We already have been traveling to over more than 50 countries together. We like it so much that we decided to sell our house and go traveling non stop.
Do what we love the most and still learning every day.
We are very thankful for this opportunity and everyday we are aware that life is just one big adventure!
Thank you all for you support! 🌹

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  1. So much great information in this video. Waterfalls looked absolutely amazing and you also captured rainbow there 🙂 There is a lot of what to admire in Argentina. I enjoyed all nature shots, beautiful butterflies, imposing mountains or the dried ocean. Perfect informative video. Well done!

  2. What a diversity! In just over 20 minutes you gave me so many reason to book a trip to Argentina!
    Some places like plaza de Mayo are reminding me my Madrid's staying, still it looks super unique

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