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Early 2018 we travelled to Benin for the Hunger Project. They celebrated their 10 year anniversary in this beautiful country, working hand in hand with locals towards a sustainable end of world hunger.

At the end of our trip we got 2 days of to see a bit of the country. Visiting Ganvie in lake Nokoue, and walking the route of the slaves. Which is very impressive!

Of course we missed out on a lot as well, not being able to see some of the wildlife in the north. There is much more to explore!

Benin is a stunning country with amazing people, I can only recommend visiting if you ever get the chance.


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  1. As a Londoner who lived in Benin for over a year I can tell you that it is the most beautiful country where the people are friendly and welcoming. The culture is rich as is the wildlife. The history of Benin can stir the emotions and you have to brace yourself when you learn about the slave trade. Food is great and varied and caters for all international tastes. Its much safer than Nigeria and other neighbouring countries and taking very basic precautions the nightlife is fantastic. Go and discover Benin. I loved it and wish I was back there now.

  2. Oh please Europeans steal the wealth and plunder Africa then pretend to be surprised and give back pittance so they can sleep good at night, "I am one of the good ones", well you are not.

  3. We have the king of Benin living in the Netherlands doing a sort of a low police job, and he refuses to go back to Benin and claim his throne!, I swear to god this is no joke!! Lol, go and google Afrikaanse prins Nederland

  4. I hate to say that but I just blocked scammer on social media who's in Benin. Sad to say, those scammers of west Africa are making their continent look so bad. It has gotten so bad on social media. Scammers from Cote d'lvoire, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Ghana and so one… Thanks to Nigerians who come up with the idea of romance scams. I know bad people are everywhere but no one begs for money like they do…

  5. I've been sponsoring two girls from Benin since the middle of the 90-th, but a few years ago the Swedish branch of ChildFund for some reason did not continue to be involved so I had to change to another country in Africa. I still have got a photo of my first sponsored girl from the middle of the 90-th in my wallet.

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