Travel Recommendations in Germany #Germany #vacation

Organizing a Journey to Germany? Below are a handful of things you may have to have to know. Germany Travel can be a excellent time but you want to be safe. There are lots of things to do in Germany. Below are some Site visitors tips for touring in Germany. We address:
The Autobahn
Speed Blitzers
Zebra Crossings
Bike Lanes
Cross Walks
And General public Drinking -)

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  1. I am planning a trip to Germany this year. Really useful and valuable tips, thank you. Also, do you find your videos do better in ranking when you include subtitles? Subbed to you girls, Excited to see more of you.

  2. Nice, short and snappy…
    Perhaps you could consider this, so that the German traffic rules do not look arbitrary, because Germans supposedly love rule because they love rules.
    A quick search with Google and you could insert short statistical data about traffic accidents in the US compared to Germany.
    Maybe these rules will even make sense then.
    It's a prejudice that Germans are rule fetishists.
    Thanks a lot for sharing

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