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‘Follow me’, the new marketing video clip for Location Germany, puts the aim on contrasts to clearly show that Germany is the perfect journey place. The sights and sights, the assorted enchantment and the contrasting society of all sixteen federal states are showcased, demonstrating that in Germany the traditional and the modern go hand in hand.

Der neue Imagefilm zum Reiseland Deutschland „Follow me“ zeigt anhand von Kontrasten, dass Deutschland das perfekte Reiseland ist. Die sixteen Bundesländer werden mit ihren jeweiligen Highlights in Ihrer Vielseitigkeit und in ihren Gegensätzen präsentiert. So wird sichtbar, dass in Deutschland Custom und Moderne selbstverständlich und gleichermaßen gelebt werden.


Stock footage was utilised for 95 per cent of the video clip (company: Bausenwein & Strohmaier, Frankfurt), and the accompanying observe ‘Follow me’ is by the French musician Jérôme Amandi, a.k.a. Talisco.

Der Imagefilm wurde zu 95% aus Stockmaterial produziert (Agentur: Bausenwein & Strohmaier, Frankfurt), die Musik „Follow me“ stammt von dem französischen Musiker Jérôme Amandi, bekannt als Talisco.

The GNTB is essential to comply with the procurement procedures for public sector organisations when awarding contracts. These include, in particular, very rigid limits on the placement of items and themes, and on covert advertising and marketing in the video clip/movie to be established.

To empower the GNTB to comply with its statutory requirements, the deal companion undertakes to give the GNTB with a list of all items and themes that can be determined in the video clip. The GNTB might need that the appropriate sequences be cut or edited to make them legally compliant.

The deal companion presents an assurance that these kinds of placements are inadvertent and that he or she has not obtained any dollars or other thing to consider for their inclusion.


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