Travel Argentina – Buenos Aires Steakhouses

Learn about Argentine steak and why locals say it is the greatest in the entire world.

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Buenos Aires

In Argentina, the state with the highest for each capita meat consumption in the entire world, you can hope to uncover a fantastic steak. Great weather, open up spaces and clear drinking water are some of the reasons that Argentina has the greatest beef in the entire world. And parillas, or steakhouses, like this are not really hard to uncover.

“Why is Argentine meat the greatest meat in the entire world?” “It would be for the course of cow that we have, the countryside, the way it is elevated. The most preferred cuts are the “vacio,” the “bife de chorizo,” and the “lomo.”

“Can you notify us a very little bit about the normal condiment of Argentina, the “chimi-churri?” “The chimi-churri sauce does not have a whole lot of spices, I make it by hand. It has ground up pepper, black pepper, parsley, oil and vinegar. The visitors enjoy chimi-churri, they get a steak and deal with it with it. The Argentines use it a lot more with sausage.”

Nowhere else but Argentina will you uncover a steak this juicy and tender, and large. “This is “chorizo” (sausage) that is ground up beef and pork with spices. This is produced with blood and meat, but very very little meat.” I am Gigi Sehr showing you Buenos Aires.


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  1. The way that Argentines cook meat is great, but the quality of beef in the U.S. is far greater.  When you combine the two, you have a really great steak experience. On a side note, I like how our host talks about "big meat" while displaying her tongue piercing.  That is priceless.

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