Tourism industry in South Africa challenged by Afriforum | South Africa

The civil rights organisation AfriForum on 7 April 2020, placed the Minister as well as the Department of Tourism on terms following the Department’s announcement that relief would be provided to small, micro- and medium-sized enterprises (SMME’s) in line with the Department’s policy of black economic empowerment (BEE) and economic transformation.
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  1. No need to fight them ,just start our own movement "0 BEE" and keep the money circulating . We should all donate money to 'Companies" ,buy /lease properties all over Africa ,make our own tourism nodes and destinations and support business…so many ways to skin a cat

  2. Wonder how many profitable black businesses there were/are in South Africa that must be so funded. I think this is now the time that we must support our white businesses at all cost and where ever we can hut on the other hand I want to ask the businesses now is also not the time to ask us enormous prices.

  3. More reverse social Darwinism at work.When are the 'minority' tax payers going to stop subsidizing these millennial losers in the civilization game? Gluing feathers on a rodent won't make it soar like a bird.

  4. REJECT The EVIL MSM Lies….for controlling your future and health.
    The ghouls in control of medical martial lockdown admitting that the figures on actual covid19 direct cause deaths…. Breathe a sigh of relief…..

    … And the senate committee hearing evidence that no research has been done on 5G health implications…. Evil Ghoulish corporate idiocratic propheteers!

  5. Used to return for a visit, family and friends once a year, last visit (April 2019) was the last, will not be returning, just plain don’t feel safe any more. Hopefully family and friends will meet us halfway somewhere in Europe, been living in US for last 30 years.

  6. Doesn't the President of S.A feel any remorse for what he is doing to White South Afrcans ..APARENTLY NOT
    I wonder every time he opens his month …and I HEAR these WORDS come out …his month . …"OUR PEOPLE" what does he exactly mean .."OUR PEOPLE" the minority included in his "OUR PEOPLE " I really sould like to KNOW!

  7. I'm a part time Tour guide. I take mainly Italian's and Turk's Adventure touring to Southern African countries .Botswana etc .
    All my tours have been cancelled due to the corona virus
    This is my Living that's gone down the drain.
    It's painful and sad
    I hope this corrupt ANC government will help ,but I'm white so what are the chances

  8. Who is the Government?
    Cyril. !!
    Stop paying taxes.
    Take them to the International Human Rights Court.
    Confront Cyril. Put in in the spot and let him answer.
    Take these racists goons down.

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