Tour of Madrid Town, Spain #Spain #vacation

Tour of Madrid Town, Spain


Madrid, Spain

one. Extensive: numerous sights of Amuldena Cathedral. 00:00-00:fifteen
two. Extensive: avenue sights, individuals in the park. 00:fifteen-00:twenty five
three. Extensive: numerous of the metropolis, streets, individuals. 00:twenty five-00:43
four. Extensive: traffic. 00:43-00:52
five. Extensive: numerous of Plaza Mayor. 00:52-01:00
six. Extensive: flag. 01:00-01:05
seven. Extensive: statue. 01:05-01:08
eight. More sights of Plaza Mayor. 01:08-01:ten
9. Extensive: metropolis arc. 01:ten-01:19
ten. More sights of Plaza Mayor. 01:19-01:29
11. Extensive: flag. 01:29-01:32
12. Extensive: Columb statue. 01:32-01:37
thirteen. Extensive: individuals in the park. 01:37-01:fifty
14. Extensive: pedestrian crossing. 01:fifty-02:00
fifteen. Extensive: avenue sights, numerous of structures. 02:00-02:04
16. Extensive: flag. 02:04-02:20
17. Extensive: traffic. 02:20-02:27
18. Extensive: monument. 02:27-02:35
19. Extensive: Plaza Cibeles. 02:35-02:fifty
20. Extensive: avenue sights, working day and night pictures, individuals going for walks. 02:fifty-03:33
21. Extensive: exterior sights, University of Carlos III. 03:33-03:43
22. Extensive: location close to University. 03:43-04:01
23. Extensive: park, children participating in. 04:01-04:19
24. Extensive: entrance to the metro station. 04:19-04:31
twenty five. Extensive: avenue sights. 04:31-04:forty two
26. Extensive: individuals sitting on the sq.. 04:forty two-04:forty seven
27. Extensive: numerous of Plaza Mayor. 04:forty seven-05:05

28. Extensive: railway station. 05:05-05:17
29. Path of arts. 05:17-06:03
30. Extensive: numerous of Prado museum. 06:03-06:20
31. Extensive: avenue sights, numerous of the metropolis. 06:20-06:30
32. Extensive: Cathedral. 06:30-06:39
33. Extensive: avenue sights. 06:39-06:55
34. Extensive: numerous of the metropolis middle. 06:55-07:32
35. Extensive: musical band participating in national tracks. 07:32-08:05
36. Extensive: individuals no the sq.. 08:05-08:27
37. Extensive: Palacio Authentic de Madrid. 08:27-08:49
38. Extensive: avenue sights. 08:49-08:57

39. Extensive: numerous of the trains, railway station. 08:57-09:52

Barcelona, Spain, fifteen.02.2010

40. Extensive: streets, structures. 09:52-ten:11
41. Extensive: metropolis park. ten:11-ten:29
forty two. Extensive: Plaza de Catalunya (Catalan Square). ten:29-ten:45
43. Extensive: Lender of Spain on the Plaza de Catalunya, numerous of the sq.. ten:45-11:00
forty four. Extensive: individuals going for walks. 11:00-11:08
45. Extensive and mid: numerous of Gaudi mosaic on the houses. 11:08-11:35
forty six. Extensive: La Rambla (key avenue), Casa Milà (Antonio Gaudi´s venture). 11:35-12:05

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