Tour of Berlin – Inside of the Reich (Then & Now) #Germany #vacation

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Sean and I went to Oktoberfest in Muünchen! It was truthfully the most effective time at any time. Massive shoutout to Festicket and Stoke Vacation for giving us these types of an remarkable time. 🙂 Festicket: Stoke Vacation: Seán: __ Tunes ‘Up We Go’ – Limes SoundCloud – __ ►Merch: Patreon: Next Channel: Tumblr: Twitter: […]


  1. Interesting video except for the old bird saying "Heil Hitler" and rendering the Nazi salute. I only hope she's suffering from Alzheimer's and has no idea of what's she's saying, otherwise she remains blind to the misery bought about by that man and the mob who surrounded him.

  2. Well done – gut gemacht! Im a WW2 history tour guide in Berlin so have the pleasure of visiting these sites on a regular basis with students, military and curious public groups. This production is so good though at bringing history to life I could just show them this and then go for a beer! Liebe Grüße aus Charlyburg.

  3. I have seen some wonderful paintings from the nazi period in an arts collection recently… they were magnificent, fabulous! a shame they are rarely shown these days

  4. That old woman almost said Heil Hitler while toasting but his son or grandson told her to shut up at 11.51! She don't know that Germany today had banned anyone from said the words or having Nazi symbols in the country.

  5. Hitler kept two promises to the German people:

    (1) In 1932 Hitler said, give me 10 years and you won’t recognize Berlin, by 1945 Berlin was laying in ruins unrecognizable.

    (2) In 1941 Hitler told the Wehrmacht, “you will march on the streets of Moscow”…and they did, Stalin made the German army march in front of the Kremlin as prisoners of war.

    The Third Reich barely lasted 12 years, what a shame really. Nothing last forever. Make peace not war, life is too short.

  6. A time in history when Germany was by far the most prosperous and progressive country the world had know for thousandth years, unfortunately their leader was a megalomaniac and the war turned against him taking all their intelligence and decimate their elites! That’s the reason why Germany today is nothing more than ruined by political correctness and will never raise again…

  7. Aaron were there any books or sources you used to make this video that gave you the locations of surviving pre-1945 Nazi buildings in & around Berlin?. I'm visiting Berlin in June & plan on visiting as many of these sites as possible. Thanks.

  8. Chilling and yes, moving. After the war the Germans and occupying Allied forces systematically eradicated Nazi monuments and most buildings closely associated with that evil regime. But a few traces survive here and there.

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