Top things to do in Naples Italy in 1 day

Let’s discover all the top things to do in Naples, Italy, in one day! If you are planning to visit Naples, have a look at this video shot by us: we’re experts of the best Naples activities… after all, that’s where we live! Whether you’re planning to spend just one day in Naples or more, there are a few things that you can’t miss during your Italy trip. No, we’re not just talking of eating a delicious Neapolitan pizza or visiting Via San Gregorio Armeno (you can find both these videos in our channel, by the way!) but also tanning on Lungomare Caracciolo, riding the art metro, eating gelato at Galleria Umberto I, among others! The streets of Naples are always buzzing with life: us Neapolitans are very friendly and even if we don’t speak the language, we always make sure you understand what we want to say!

All in all, if you’re still trying to decide what to do in Naples (Italy), have a look at this video and read our articles on the blog. We’ve got a whole lot on our beloved city!
Naples, what to do (and see… and eat!):

Let us know if you want more info, if you’re planning a trip to Naples or if you’ve liked our city!


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