Top rated Ten Reasons I Really like Residing in Germany #Germany #journey


  1. Thanks for the video. It reminds me as a German that Germany is worth to live here. Not to forget the nearly free education – also for non Germans, the healthcare system, the environmental mind and the weapon-free. There are still many issues to solve but I think we are on a good way. COME TO GERMANY and join us. I'll give a free intercultural exchange 🙂

  2. It is nice to see a different and more "hands-on" perspective on what Germany is like – as far as that is possible in a short vid.
    I´ve watched quite a few such Germany vs. U.S. ranking vids and they usually hover around the same points that show differences recognizable to foreigners within a short time after arrival in Germany.
    But these seem to me rather superficial.
    This vid is different in that it shows some of those easy-to-spot differences but also a closer look into those recognizable in everyday life after some time – if properly reflected in the whole context of German life.
    I am German btw.

  3. Buy the cheep bread in the supermarket… very good idea. FFS buy bread from a bakery! Much MUCH better, not very expensive too. And keeps the handcraft businesses alive. The bread from the supermarket has lots of antidegradants too.

  4. 5:29 thats a trick in grocery stores.. u dont put the things one by one .. just put the opened box onto the boards.. that saves time and workers.. and is the best way to keep your prices low 😉

  5. I worked with a nurse that visited Germany and she was very impressed by the cleanliness of the country. There was no litter anywhere! She said they take great pride in their country.

  6. Underneath it all, the main reason we have so many frivolous lawsuits in the US is this sheer glut of lawyers graduating from law school, year after year, with this mountain of debt that is greater each year, competing for jobs that are nonexistent. So, instead, they have to start pulling dirty tricks to make work for themselves and one of the easiest tricks is to dupe people into suing each other for things that, ideally, shouldn't really be offenses, but the lawyer has debt to pay off.

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