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Here are some of the top places that you and your loved ones should consider visiting if you happen to be in Barcelona, Spain.

Below is the break down:

-Get your tickets online and prices vary depending on seasons.
– Get there at least 15 minutes before your entrance time
– Currently, they have restricted all visitors to go up-towers as part of the Covid-19 measures.

– The entrance fees vary from private guided tours, groups, children/older people, or just a general ticket. In our case, we went for the general ticket which was about 10€ per person.
-The amounts tend to fluctuate depending on seasons
-The tickets expire 30 minutes after your official check-in time.

-Just like any other public transport, it depends on whether you want a single ticket or a return ticket.
-Single ticket was at 7€ and the return ticket was around 14€
-Has three stations and each station has its attraction site/Gardens/Museum.
-For a better experience, get the return ticket and alight at any station you want and enjoy the views/gardens or the museum.
-You can go at any time between 11 am to 7 pm (Closing time depends on seasons)
-Your ticket is only valid just for the day you purchase them. Make sure you purchase them on the very day you’re ready to experience the teleferic Cars, otherwise you cannot use it for any other day.
-Ticket Price may vary depending on seasons

-Both are 100% free.
-Starts from Pl Espana.
-Check online for the schedule and days when the magic fountain ‘performs’. It also depends on the seasons. (Summer/Fall/Winter)
-Due to covid-19, the music and the colorful magic fountain has been postponed until further notice. The video of the magic fountain you’ve seen here was recorded late last year.

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