Top Gear vs The Germans Part 1 – Double Decker Racing – Series 11 – BBC #Germany #travel

England and Germany go head to head in an epic car battle as the Top Gear boys pit their wits against their German counterparts. But who will win when it comes to Double Decker car racing?

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  1. It would have seemed more logical if Jeremy had steered the cars and Kip had worked the pedals. It made for better TV the other way around though.

  2. Sabine was a real character, I loved her inclusion on the program especially when she left the camera crew behind after they tried to keep up with filming her lap on the circuit that was hilarious, so sorry to read she died, RIP.

  3. Keith: The One-Armed Sound Guy. He got into a fight with a shark and lost… (5 minutes later – My arm's come off!! Spinning around in the wheel) Keith is legend.

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