Top 5 AMAZING Places to Visit in Ethiopia | Africa Travel Guide

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Here’s a basic cost breakdown of my Ethiopia trip with Abyssinian Nomads:

1. Omo valley: $200-250 per day with a local tour operator.
Includes guide, 4X4 land cruiser, camping equipment. Half board meals, lodges/hotels and entrance fees to all point of interests.

2. Simien mountains: $150 – 250 per day
Price includes local guides, 4×4 land cruiser, camping equipment. All parks and point of interest entrance fees. Comes with chef and park scout as well. There is a luxury lodge option for increased price.

3. Addis Ababa: $50 to $300 per day depending on style of travel
Higher prices would include hotel accommodation, famous city tour and coffee ceremony. With local guide and food tour.

4. Danakil Depression: $150-200 per day
It is advised to only travel in this region with local tour operators due to security concerns. Price includes 4×4 land cruiser, local guides, camping equipment, all park and point of interest fees, half board meals and a park scout from the Afar region to escort entire trip.

Lalibela: $100-250
Upper price includes local tour guide, 4×4 land cruiser, hotel/lodge accommodation. Half board meal and entrance to all Rock Churches of Lalibela.

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  1. Adore your work, such an inspiration to someone starting their channel! Can I ask, how do you create the moving images(eg line drawing around maps etc) is it a specific software or do you use a video editor?

  2. Why you people always like showing these indigenous Afrikans in a very negative way? This is a complete exploitation, nothing educational. Even you can tell how unhappy some them are when enter their terrain, but l also blame the the tour guides that take your to these places…so damn disrespectful.

  3. I love the educational element at the beginning of this video and your references to globalisation, social impacts etc. I would love to visit, do you think it would be safe with young children?

  4. This was a pretty cool video. I was born in Ethiopia and was adopted and brought to America. So this was cool seeing a video about the country I am from.

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