TOP 23 Things to do in EMPTY VENICE 2020 | Travelling Italy POST LOCKDOWN | New Normal Travel Guide

The best things to do in Venice in 2020 are not always easy to figure out. Especially during the new normal. In this video I show you what it is like to travel in Italy now. This travel guide will help you to safely visit Venice in Italy and have a great time there.


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1. Vaporetto | 0:51 |
2. Piazza San Marco | 1:44 |
3. Aperol Spritz | 3:09
4. Basilica di San Marco | 4:16 |
5. Palazzo Ducale | 4:50 |
6. Campanile | 4:58 |
7. Getting lost | 6:34
8. Ponte di Rialto | 7:04 |
9. Sarde in saor | 8:11
10. I frari : 8:40 |
11. Cicchetti | 10:23
12. Venetian Pastries | 11:43
13. San Michele | 12:48 |
14. Murano | 13:34 |
15. Italian pasta | 14:22
16. Torcello | 14:45 |
17. Burano | 15:29 |
18. Seafood | 16:53
19. Ponte dell’Accademia | 18:42 |
20. Gallerie dell’Accademia | 19:08 |
21. Antico Forno Pizzeria | 19:46 |
22. Gelateria il Doge | 20:14 |
23. Campo Santa Margherita | 20:42 |

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  1. I'm coming back home from Venice tomorrow, there really wasn't that many tourists compared to the usual amount, it was very peaceful being able to sit in the Piazza San Marco or Ponte De Rialto with there not being people cramped everywhere.

  2. Well done !! Going there next week and I'll definitely use a lot of the info you offered
    I'll definitely look out for the 24h Vaporetto pass so I can see as much as possible from the water and take tons of photos & videos, maybe twice during my first 11 days trip in Venice & Florence

    ( then Venice, California in October LOL )
    I must confess I'm so happy there are few tourists there right now.

  3. I have visited Venice many time since to 70s. and it is so sad to see her empty at the moment, I would love to visit now but I cant. But I can dream…a Bellini (or 2) in Harry's and a room in the Gritti, just great. Im pleased you enjoyed your choice of ice cream was spot on, best in town.
    The train between Venice and Milan has improved so much now, you can pop to Milan shopping for a day trip.

  4. Wow how nice this video was brig's me memories , I've been to Venice 4 times and want to go again maybe next year ,I am never fed up watching videos about Venice ,love it so much. Thank you for the nice video ,but I wish I was there

  5. Thanks for all these recommendations, which helps me to check the missing tasks for my 72hours in Venise. My additional tip is to join a walking tour to know a little more about the city history (especially the city’s centuries are also severely impacted by other pandemics, like today) and some weird anecdotes.

  6. Thank you! I've booked a surprise trio to Venice on Saturday for my husband and I, as our honeymoon was cancelled in April. Because I'm doing all the planning, I feel like I need to be organised and this a great inspiration!

  7. Wait a sec.. who told you that Rossopomodoro is a local restaurant???
    It’s A Neapolitan chain of pizzerias.. you can find it allover Italy and Europe as well.
    Delicious pizza, nothing to say about it, but not quite local

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