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Top 10 virtual tours of Spain

How are virtual tours useful? To get an in-depth view of a destination right from your home! Check out our list of 10 best virtual tours:

1. Tower of Hercules (A Coruña, Galicia, Spain)
2. Sagrada Familia (Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain)
3. Aqueduct of Segovia (Segovia, Castile & Leon, Spain)
4. Cabarceno Natural Park (Obregon, Cantabria, Spain)
5. Retiro Park (Madrid, Madrid, Spain)
6. Military Museum of Toledo (Toledo, Castile & La Mancha, Spain)
7. Mezquita (Mosque) of Cordoba (Cordoba, Andalusia, Spain)
8. Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela (Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain)
9. Plaza España (Seville, Andalusia, Spain)
10. Faro de Cabo Home Lighthouse – Costa da Vela (Cangas, Galicia, Spain)

Discover the best virtual tours of Spain! Here are 10 virtual tours of Spain to learn about its rich culture. With Social Distancing and self-isolation among many of us worldwide, there is no reason to miss travelling to our favorite museums, monuments, cathedrals… Virtual tourism with live online tours will give us the opportunity of living an exceptional experience that will encourage us to find out more about the tourist destination and this will be capable of seducing us enough to make the “effort” to move our body since our traveler’s soul will already be there. Discover new destinations thanks to google maps virtual tours, from your laptop, phone or your Smart TV.

Get comfortable and enjoy these virtual tours around most of the important landmarks in Spain.
Be prepared to live this great virtual reality experience!

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