Top 10 Places To Visit In Spain #Spain #travel

Over the last few years I’ve been lucky enought to travel to Spain several times and I want to show you my favorite places to visit! From cliff jumping in Mallorca, to witnessing the energetic city of Barcelona, Spain has so much to offer! Where is your favorite place in Spain?

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  1. If you want to check other cool places in Alicante you have Calpe, Altea or Javea. And Murcia has so much more than La Manga, there's 247km of beaches, and a lot of them are accessible by an easy hike. Murcia has beautiful hiking places too, like Monte Arabí, Sierra Espuña or Carrascoy

  2. You only went to very touristic places, it's not the reality of the country… Anda Costa del Sol is one of the places with the worst Beaches hahaha you should visit Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria… You will find amazing places there, good food and great people!

  3. You should go to País Vasco! years ago when I was there I really tought it was stunning (as the rest of the north). Anyway, Spain has so many different places and views that they seem to be in a lot of countries in just one.

  4. Lo siento por la hosteleria, pero lo a gusto que hemos estado este verano sin todos estos guiris…..creo que el pais estaba saturado. Ademas mucho guiri de poco nivel economico y poca cultura, turismo low cost que se piensan que somos un pais de pantedereta sin ley ni orden…por lo demas bienvenidos.

  5. So glad and happy to see ur view about Spain!! I would like aso recommend you another non so touristic places as Mérida (Old roman town "Emerita Augusta"), Córdoba and Granada (founded by the Arabs), Caceres (Medieval and scenario of "Game of Thrones) and a so looooong etc. Good weather, food, folklore, open people, huge history, safety, strong healthcare system, good prices… made of Spain one of the best places in of the world

  6. I am back in Spain after 4 years living abroad (texas) and I am eager to rediscover old places I know and many more I don't know yet. I believe there are not many places on earth where you can have so many different lansdscapes,cultures,cuisines,etc in a short distance from one nother. I DO LOVE SPAIN. Come visit us, it will not disappoint you wherever you come from!

  7. Que sepas que en España estamos hartos de que la gente se tire así al agua.
    Todos los años hay muchos accidentes así, los ingleses son muy propensos a tirarse a las piscinas de los hoteles desde las habitaciones.
    Todos los años hay muertes estúpidas así.

  8. I'm from Spain and I'm really proud about my country. I think that Andalucía is the best place to visit, since there are some amazing citys like Seville ( the prettiest for me) Granada or Malaga. All in Spain is awsome, but if you want to visit Spain you have to visit Andalucía.

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