Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities in Africa

Hello Displorers, Welcome back to another informative video and thanks for watching, In this video we shall be taking you around the continent of Africa showing you the top 10 most dangerous cities on the continent. There is no doubt that the African continent offers more and more economic opportunities and unique places to visit. However some of its major cities are becoming more susceptible to crime. According to Mexican Council for Public Security and Criminal Justice the most Dangerous Cities in the world are found in Mexico, Brazil, The United states of America, Venezuela and Colombia. Though the Most dangerous City in the world might not be in Africa, Africa however has its fair share of Dangerous cities with south Africa topping the charts . Most of the Cities are surprisingly some of the most visited cities on the continent as a result there is bound to be high crime wave in these cities.
In order to do the ranking of the most dangerous cities, We shall be using Numbeo’s .com indices such as recent changes in crime levels, safety walking alone, robberies, vehicular security, perceived threat of assault, amongst others.
If you are new here, welcome. Be sure to subscribe and turn on the notifications so that you don’t miss any of our videos ranks the cities on a scale of 1 to 100 with 100 being the highest crime rate and 1 being the lowest, So with any further delay, Here are some of the top ten most dangerous cities in Africa.
9. Luanda(Angola) – Crime Rate Score – 79/100
Luanda, Angola’s capital city, has a high crime rate, and one which the OSAC reports as being “critical”. Out of a possible crime score of 100, Numbeo rates it at 79 as of February 2016. According to the UK Government service Gov.UK, common crimes in the city are inclusive of car jackings, assaults, homicides, muggings for valuables such as mobile phones, armed robberies at either night or day (especially in areas popular with foreigners), and rape incidences both in nightlife areas and even private homes. Lone night travel or walks within the city are not recommended, as crimes mostly happen at night in Luanda, according to the OSAC. There also are crime hot-spots in Luanda that the OSAC particularly warns against venturing into, like the Rua Nehru, the Rua Houari Boumedienne, and the traffic circle in the last part of Rua Gamal Abdel Nasser. Thefts from stationary or slow-moving vehicles stuck in traffic also happen. It’s thereby wise to close the windows when stuck in such traffic situations there.

10. Nairobi(Kenya) – Crime Rate Score – 80/100
Coming in at 9th place on the list is Kenya’s capital and largest city Nairobi. As Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi is the hub of the country’s economy, thereby making it attractive to both foreign and local investments, as well as vulnerable to criminal activity. The US Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) rates Nairobi’s crime levels as being “critical”. Also, Numbeo,com, as of March 2016, ranked the crime levels at of city as high, and ended up giving it a rating of 80 out of 100. Serious crimes common in Nairobi, according to OSAC, are armed car jackings, home and business burglaries, kidnappings, pick-pocketing, muggings, and snatch- and grab-thefts. Other criminal threats include grenade attacks and terrorism, which in recent years Kenya has bore the brunt of. However, those victims of robbery who cooperate without resisting are likely to be unharmed in the city, according to OSAC. Cyber-crime and credit card skimming are other forms of criminal activities on the rise in Nairobi that its foreign visitors need to be aware of. It is best to avoid walking the streets of Nairobi at night if possible. After dark, it’s best to stick to registered taxis and travel in a group to avoid being a victim of theft or other criminal activities.

8. Port Elizabeth(South Africa) – Crime Rate Score – 80/100
Port Elizabeth , “The Friendly City”, is a major seaport city and most populous city in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. It is South Africa’s sixth largest metropolitan municipality.Foreign direct investments of $19,8 billion has been secured over the past decade, as Fortune 500 companies are present or have their African operations headquartered in the city. Port Elizabeth is the seat of the Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan Municipality, South Africa’s second largest metropolitan district by area.
In 2014, Port Elizabeth was ranked number 35 by the Mexican Citizens’ Council for Public Security and Criminal Justice among the world’s 50 most dangerous cities, and, in 2013, it was number 41. Murders per 100,000 people in 2014 were 34.8, slightly down from 36 in 2013.The city has high risks of mugging and kidnapping of people. Urban areas are better avoided late at night, and it is re


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  1. Dis video is biased as shit. Seeks to really tarnish south africa's image. I mean….rustenburg n pmb are above joburg. And only one place in nigeria???? Come on. Dis is some biased shit. Dude must be nigerian….. They hate SA so much but they live better in it

  2. Im an African staying in South Africa. What a joke of a video. I stayed and still my parents stays very close to Rusternburg. Whoever made this video has no sense of whats happening in South Africa in terms of crime, period and this can even attract visitors to places of more crime as the information here is just misleading and a joke. You cant go through few papers and reports and release such misleading information . . . . in fact its all a lie.

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