TOMTOM Speed Camera Updates 3 Months for 99p @ TomTom Shop #traveldeals

After logging into TomTom shop I noticed an offer that I could activate to get 3 months of speed camera updates for 99p.

I had trouble choosing a payment method, long story short…. by turning off ‘Enhanced Tracking Protection’ in Firefox the page reloaded revealing a code:

It appears to be a subscription for 3 months at 33p a month, so regular monthly payments. it says you can cancel the subscription at any time but I would guess that the whole 3 months would run anyway. Will update my device and then cancel and see what happens.

It gets a little weird, the offer says its for Europe but when I updated my device it gave me speed camera updates for the world.

NB: I know I could just use my phone/waze/etc but my 8 year old car has a built in sat nav and I’m pretty happy being able to update it cheaply.

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