to Spain and back again (to my studio) + flat cleansing and laundry #Spain #vacation

A person 7 days in Sevilla for a workshop + cleansing our flat and going back again to my studio 🙂

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Online video CREDITS
Thank you so so significantly to super Kevin for creating the spanish subtitles! We loooove you Keviin!
All my songs is from Epidemic Sound

Canon Eos m with a 22 lens
I use Adobe Premiere!

Issues you will not know about this video clip: we experienced designs to go to Córdoba but we had been also exhausted and resolved to keep and Rest. Also: we even now can not imagine how Lovely Sevilla is :O you fellas, you should examine if your flight has amusement on board or plug chargers cause I completely missed that details and I could not even operate on my laptop (I experienced twenty% battery!). Drawing was so exciting however, I’m so pleased I experienced these types of a massive window of un-interrupted time just to sketch 🙂


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  1. Hi Fran! I admire you and your work so much. Your video's always inspire me like crazy and make me want to create right away. I'm saving some money to become a Patron of yours! I can't wait <3 Moments without music are chill then there's other sounds in the background. But when it's super quiet, most of the times it feels awkward in my case! I hope that's helpful. Have a great week Fran <3

  2. I just love watching your vlogs, you're such a genuine and inspiring woman. I don't mind the lack of music, especially when you're talking to us. I also love it when you put it in. 50/50 is the perfect amount! Do as you want to. We're gonna love your vlogs anyways! Keep up the good work Fran, you're amazing. Love from France.

  3. the music is a bit too loud in my opinion, ps i didn't know you speak spanish, en todo el tiempo que estoy subscribida apenas me estoy enterando 😮

  4. Fran, tu plantita probablemente tenga bichitos que se la están comiendo, lo mejor y la manera más natural para lidiar con ello es aplicar ajo: se hierve agua, se pela el ajo y se deja reposar ojalá una noche completa, luego quitas el ajo y con un rociador lo aplicas sobre la planta, y verás como se va a poner mejor. Ojalá te sirva, un abrazo!

  5. Guuuuurl I really like your clips with and without music so I say keep doing both!

    Also it seems like the trip to Sevilla did you and Ed some good! Both of you seemed so stoked through out the video!!

  6. Amo la mezcla de ambos. Cuando hay música pareciera como si estuviera en un sueño o en un videoclip. A su vez, cuando está el sonido ambiente hace parecer todo mucho más intimo, me agrada =)

  7. I always like the music choices you guys make. They set the mood for the scenes but the moments of silence or natural sounds balance it all out nicely. So I agree with the overall consensus: BOTH! 🙂 PS. I need that middle-finger t-shirt!

  8. Hola Fran! me encantan tus videos (by the way) … creo que tu planta tiene un gusanito, a veces son muy astutos para esconderse, lo hacen hasta dentro de la tierra. Te recomiendo que la saques de la tierra a la planta y mires si esta bien la raiz y si encuentras algún gusano, lo debes llevar a otro jardín o a un parque … lo cierto es que se comen las hojas de tus plantas y si no lo erradicas, el se encargará de erradicar tu planta. Saludos!!! 😉

  9. Fran! You should come to Colombia. Cartagena is a beautiful and historical city in the coast of the country. I think you'd love it! I don't have more reasons to invite you

  10. Hi fran, this is a really lovely vlog and I'm so grateful for your honesty, this trip sounded so tough but I am so touched and grateful that you expressed a bit of your feelings with us. To be honest it took me a long time to feel comfortable to hear about this. I know when this happened on your patreon and you were talking about it…I'm…also kind of dealing with a lot of feelings and emotions ummm in my life and I couldn't really listen or hear or even read anything pertaining to that illness because it just feels too close and to this day I still haven't listened to that podcast but so when I saw that you had uploaded this trip on here, I just knew exactly what was up and I am watching it today because I feel that in this moment I am strong enough to watch and hear about the sadness (but also the happy moments). I had a really rough morning earlier hahaohboy and I cried when you were talking anyway and that's ok because these feelings are so a part of us and they just need to be felt. I digress, I just wanted to say thank you this is great, and I needed it (I needed to be reminded that there are other people in these moments so similar to our own) and you are great and ed is great. Everyone in the comments is great…we're all just trying our best and I hope everyone remembers this.

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