Three days in Spain | Our journey home #Spain #travel

This week wasn’t what we expected. Our plan was to spend three weeks exploring Spain before heading back to the UK, but with news of Amber lists no longer needing to quarantine and our second vaccines on the cards, we decided it was time to come home.

So, a slight deviation from our normal routine of travel explorations as we return to the UK, but not before we discover where to eat (or not) in Madrid, explore the beautiful architecture, and Tara heads out in the saddle of Penelope Cruz…!

This is Crusoe’s 4th country on his list of 100, so a mere 96 left to go before he gets to school! We of course are loving his as adventures as much as he is.

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  1. John’s facts and figures are just amazing. Imagine building a building next to another building just because it was there first! Nowhere else would you get these gems of information! Keep up the great work John and Tara you need to build better self discipline so that you don’t get coerced into buying pies before your vegan experience!! Thanks for another great vid and welcome home!

  2. Very sad that you have left Portugal and all that beautiful scenery behind. I was enjoying that so much. Onto Wonderful Wales though, so looking forward to where you go and what your recommendations are.

  3. Another great video. Very envious of the horse riding Tara but not the vegan meal. I think your right you should chose next time . John you made me laugh though when you said “are we nearly there yet because you know which little man may be saying that soon !!” . looking forward to your trip to Wales as I hope to go there soon in our Motorhome so hope to pick up some tips from you guys.

  4. "… burning off bad vegan calories." Hahaha. John was right… the vegetables were hidden… like the cauliflower in batter…haha. As always, thanks for taking me along : )

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