This week in Spain – Huge demand for holidays to Spain #Spain #travel

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This week we discuss the possible return of tourism this year in Spain and the huge demand for a holiday in Spain, Spain’s big companies publish results, and Spanish banks are announcing attractive offers to attract clients.

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  1. Benidorm in the off season it's better goes quieter, you can have a different experience. So many places to visit and shows to see. Don't knock it we are 70 and love Benidorm should be there now. Keep up the good work more news about the Canaries please. Jen

  2. In 2002 in Mexico, I got a knock at the door at 9 p.m. on a Friday night and it was a lady from the BBVA with a whole kitchen set of pans. I was pleased, surprised, and had no idea why. Turns out the interest rate was 18% at that time and they had a prize for dumb folk who just left their earnings in a current account at 1.5%.

  3. I found Jyske Bank in Denmark to be a good option as a foreigner living in Spain while saving money. There was no tax on the interest accrued, which in the early 90s was 13% for the peseta. There were no fees and they didn't call at all until around 1997 when Spain was gearing up for the euro and simply said "Do you realize you are getting close to 0% on your peseta savings? Would you like to consider any other options, like international bonds or the stock market?" and then included those options on their website. I didn't feel like they were trying to get money for nothing but rather that they wanted to inform me that interest had been almost disappeared for savers and that other financial instruments might be of interest, which they were, and of course, they would make a commission from those kinds of transactions, but very reasonable rates.

  4. I think that vaccine passports will come in around Europe only problem I see is, a person who has a vaccine passport will not get the virus (hopefully?) But, even if you have the passport, you can still carry the virus and pass it on, right or wrong!!!???!!!

  5. What you think about new Spanish Start Up law? Spain’s parliament will soon pass a new piece of legislation that’s intended to give entrepreneurs more tools to compete on the international stage.

  6. British Airways owner IAG has called for digital health passes "to reopen our skies safely" as it posted a record loss for 2020 due to Covid disruption. IAG posted an operating loss of €7.4bn (£6.5bn) for last year after the pandemic grounded many of its flights. The airline group – which also owns Iberia, Aer Lingus and Vueling – called for "a clear roadmap for unwinding current restrictions when the time is right." "We're calling for international common testing standards and the introduction of digital health passes to reopen our skies safely," said IAG's boss Luis Gallego.

  7. Yes, the tourism sector is a vital part of Spain’s economy, but the health and lives of Spain’s residents is a more vital part. They’ve got to get vaccines into arms, and it’s not looking much like that endeavor will wrap up for a good long while.

  8. Initially, I believe, there will not be enough airline capacity to carry all the people who want to travel. I am not sure what this means for ticket prices!

  9. Even if British tourists are allowed to travel to Europe it still depends on what happens in various European countries. Doesn't seem to be universal agreement on Covid passports. Better to wait a bit.

  10. more focus on specifics guys please, Johnny do some research on banks, give names and concrete info on how much they charge, whether you need to be employed locally to open up an account, what's cost of money transfer from abroad, how easy is it to get a mortgage etc; then the whole topic of buying a property, costs, legal advice, is it legal to rent your it out/sublet ( as far as I know that Barcelona put some law in place to ban it), what about taxes etc. stay creative guys and keep up the great work. cheers

  11. I believe that people who refuse to be vaccinated, in addition to endangering others, that if they want to be vaccinated, …
    If they get sick with covid19 and they have to be admitted to a hospital, they consume physical and human resources that the rest pay for their decision. (Let them pay for it).
    If they occupy an ICU of their own free will they may be taking it away from someone who needs it for other illnesses, in hospitals normal operations are delayed, putting others at risk.
    Is this ethical? On the one hand there is your right to decide about your body, on the other hand there is the economic and physical damages that they cause to other people.
    In my understanding, they should renounce to be cared for by the Public Health System in case they fall ill from Covid.

  12. I got a lot of Spaniards telling me in the comments that they are quite happy that the tourism sector got hit. They are not fond of the excess tourism they get and are quite ok with their compatriots losing their jobs. In the long run a good thing – they think. Well. They must not understand that economic sustainability and or growth is an interdependent system. Be careful what you wish for. As it just might come true.

  13. I don't want to rain on anyone's parade but I think it's too soon to consider booking holidays. Firstly, Johnson can only speak for England when it comes to health matters. The other three parts of the UK are each responsible for health matters. Secondly, surely it's best for everyone in the country of origin AND Spain to have been vaccinated and received a COVID passport. Lastly, Spain must make sure all 17 autonomous communities are in synch before opening its hotels to foreign tourists.

  14. Interesting article in the Daily mail about Israel. They are leading the way in the vaccination program and leading the way worldwide in the repression againts those who dare refuse the vaccine.
    They've just passed a new law where the details of all of those who haven't been vaccinated will be shared among the departments of education, social security…you won't be able to get a job, go to a restaurant, go to a pub, go to a concert, go on holidays….
    Really, really scary stuff.
    But of all the countries in the world don't you guys think it's another coincidence that Israel is leading the way? It's almost as if they want to show to the world what it must be done.

  15. the catholic church is an empire of deceit. the beast is among them. those blinded by their egos will suffer retribution. plague, famine and then war. prepare spiritually, each to be judged.

  16. I find Stuart to be very condescending when he talks about Benidorm. Granted, it’s not the most upmarket tourist destination, but it seems to fulfill the desires and requirements of millions of tourists, both foreign and local, which can’t be a bad thing.

  17. I think you are mistaken about Boris Johnson's announcement on Monday. He did not confirm that people will be able to travel from 17th May. He said that the UK government would announce the outcome of a review into foreign travel on 17th May. The review will commence on 12th April. Can you check this please? If I am right, the opening date may be later than 17th May.

  18. Holidays seem to be on everyone’s mind now. Don’t forget Benidorm!!
    Not quite the Spanish vibe that some
    seek, but others do. There maybe too many people rather than not enough?
    Interesting times. San Sebastián I thought was interesting.

    Muchas Gracias Stuart

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