Third Reich Berlin Heritage Tours – Earth War two Sights orig. Areas #Germany #travel

The Nazi Regim commanded and directed their atrocities only from a handful of places in the Reichshauptstadt. When you think about the insanity of these bloody regime.

This movie may perhaps provide as data, and for posterity. Immediately after so numerous many years after the Holocaust, informations of this type is of specific importance.

Permit this abomination by no means be neglected!

I filmed the tour in Oct 2009 with my DVD camcorder. Immediately after so numerous many years it was a problem for me to slice this film once more. Many thanks to the technological growth- it was feasible to stabilize and enhance this movie the way substantially better.

Lots of many thanks to Molt Eduhin (Berlin Walks). He was a wonderful guid.
His information has enriched this tour.


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