The Top Place to Visit in Germany!! (Bavarian Alps is breathtaking) #Germany #travel

Welcome to the most beautiful spot in all of Germany – the Bavarian alps are absolutely breathtaking.

Thanks to Kempinski Hotel Berchtesgaden Germany Bavarian Alps for the incredible stay:

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  1. Awww…bless you two! I'm now severely disabled, and travelling anywhere is a bit of a problem (to say the least :-() Last time I was in Bavaria was several years ago, but in a lovely hotel in Garmisch-Partenkirchen , with wonderful views of the Zugspitze – your videos remind me of this. Keep up the good work, cheers, Keith (Brit in Berlin)

  2. I remember staying at that same hotel 2 years ago (in a standard room, but still) and they had an AMG GTs (120.000€) which you could borrow for the day for free which we did.
    I hope you guys got to take the bus up to the 'Obersalzberg'/Kehlsteinhaus!
    The buses take off right next to the hotel and you take a super steep ride up to an elevator in a cave, which you take right up to this house, which the Nazis used for meetings and stuff…
    The view is absolutely astounding!

  3. It’s hard to admit this but I cried long hard tears watching this episode. I fell in love with Germany a long time ago and haven’t been to visit in far too long. We use the word breathtaking a lot but my breath was truly taken watching this. The beauty just made me so happy I couldn’t do anything but cry, I was just so happy. I’d forgotten why I loved Germany so much and you’ve given that back to me, thank you.

  4. Kempinski have some wonderfully located hotels. This is an example of just that. Beautiful. My favourite Kempinski hotel is in Jordan at the Dead Sea. They have villas just a stone throw away from the sea. Look out for it when you are next there. Great video. Kempinski in Germany offering lovely choices.

  5. Königssee is like a few km of a fjord. Norway has thousands of km, well not all in one… The deepest there is some 180 km but it is enough to get some nice views! Germany is probably a lot cheaper though.

    I liked the Julie Andrews moment at 6:25-ish. I go to the Alps most every year, and by now you know why. Normally I go to Austria though. There are more mountains to choose from there.

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