The Taylor Travels: Venice Apartment Tour

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Artviva – experts in Italy travel, best Italy tours #Italy #travel

We’ve been around since 1996 — longer than any other tour company in Florence. In fact, we’re the first Italy-based company to offer high-quality, small-group guided tours and events. With two directors at the helm with performing arts backgrounds, we know that a little drama needs to be injected into any experience — it livens […]

Gotway ACM2 Venice Beach Tour

In this extended-variety online video, I talk you by some of my usual Venice Beach riding that I do periodically These are all of the goods used in my pursuit of enjoyment on EUCs. I personal all of these and use them. My Wheels: I personal a Mten3, KS14S, ACM2, Tesla, MSuper, and Monster. I […]

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