The Social Media Dilemma: A decision maker unknown to man Kindle Edition FREE at Amazon #traveldeals

A long time ago, people connected because they talked to each other and interacted to one another. Families spent time tightening bonds and kids spent more time outdoors, doing kid stuff and making new friends. We had print, and soon the radio, but we had each other. It could only get better. And then things changed, and we had little mobile devices that were supposed to make life easier—yes, supposed to because while they made communication less challenging for us, things got a little bit more complicated. Now, we can’t seem to look up from our phones anymore to talk to each other without a ding, a beep, a chirp from our mobile devices.
Is this new means of communicating and connecting doing what they told us it would or is it subtly tearing us apart? And not just us, but the very fabric of our society? Because we upload pictures on Facebook, but it’s just our faces because the world doesn’t know the real us and we tweet all day but ignore our loved ones who are right in front of us. Will we get out of this dilemma anytime soon?

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