The Sad Fate of the Burj Al Arab? – The Truth

Will the Burj Al Arab ever sink into the ocean with rising sea levels? Even if that doesn’t happen, won’t the Burj Al Arab have flooding issues as sea levels rise? Well, though the media portrays rising sea levels to be a serious threat to coastal cities and islands, it is nowhere near enough to threaten the Burj Al Arab within the next few centuries. This video describes how the Burj Al Arab deals with the threat of flooding and the future of the Burj Al Arab.


Title: Salvation [Inspiring Uplifting Orchestra] by Ghostrifter Official
Genre and Mood: Cinematic + Inspirational


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  1. Gosh this is such a buzz killer . let the hotel have all its glory . this is the kind of places thats what dreams are made of . It gives people hope that If u reach your goals, and Are a success u can live or enjoy such opulence.

  2. Unexpected Topic but a welcoming one
    I think place that have the most impact is places like maldives where in high tide it is probably double of the dubai coast and only have land above 3-10 feet which a rising sea level would be a disaster

    But as always great video
    Tbh your content now was heavily different from others which is good

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