The Ridonculous Race – ep 9 – Good day and Dubai | High definition

The Ridonculous Race episode 9:
The thirteen remaining groups vacation to the Burj Al Arab lodge in Dubai to possibly cleanse windows or to perform tennis. Owen & Noah form an alliance with sisters Emma & Kitty when Kelly’s tries to self-discipline her daughter end up receiving them eradicated from the race.


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Burj Al Arab Jumeirah helipad hosts history breaking kitesurfing jump

Nick Jacobsen, X-Dubai’s kiteboarding and kitesurfing champion, demonstrates the true which means of experience with his history-breaking and entire world-first feat from the Burj Al Arab’s legendary helipad. In this video clip, Jacobsen can be observed driving to the entire world-well known landmark, in advance of fearlessly launching from the hotel’s helipad with only his […]

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