The Previous Surviving Trachycarpus fortunei In Venice, Florida.

I have viewed an unique planting of 6 get slice down to just 1 plant right here on the outskirts of Venice. With any luck , this 1 will endure even although it does not appear virtually as wonderful as types developed further more North.

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  1. Trachycarpus fortunei struggle even in North Florida. 1. The Sandy loamy soil is not good for them (nematode problem). 2. Heat maximum and minimum temperatures over the Summer are too high, for too long, along with high humidity.
    Everytime I go to Georgia, South Carolina the palms grow much better, than in Florida. Georgia & South Carolina have that heavy soil (clay) which Trachycarpus seem to grow better in. Also Georgia and South Carolina have lower minimum temperatures which are more like the native habitat.

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