The perfect storm that is the Tourism Indaba in Durban …. South Africa

The official web site ignores modern developments in KwaZulu Natal even though its latest push launch talks about “accountable tourism”:
Observe these video clips:



  1. Most of the tourists to SA are flown into Joburg and then whisked off to Hoedspruit . From Hoedspruit they jump onto a smaller plane or are taken by private vehicle to the surrounding Private Game Parks.Nice and safe. Therefore many of these tourists are not wandering around the dangerous cities like Cape Town ,Johannesburg and Durban.The only city in SA that seems to still attract tourists is Cape Town.Table Mountain ,wineries and the Docklands Shopping area are still popular.The Tourism Indaba will not inform tourists about the dangers of visiting South Africa's major cities.Keep them in the dark !

  2. Australians who I speak to are well aware of the situation in South Africa. Australians who tour to Europe, somehow prefer to stop over in Dubai instead of Cape Town, even when Cape Town is much cheaper and they have legalised cannabis there. I think that a 10 hour flight to London after spending a few days in Cape Town makes good sense. But no….Dubai it is.

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