The OLDEST Just one In Germany #Germany #travel

I Cherished this metropolis.

No hidden word now. Last video’s hidden word was “castle” at three:06.

If you do not know about the club, check out these two video clips.

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Nekzlo – Stories
ProleteR – Which is Life (Frank Sinatra tribute)
ProleteR – It Never Indicate A Matter
Joysic – Roses
Extremely hard Remix Canon In D
XIXX – Cookie
Johnny Rock – Mr. Joyful




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  1. You mentioned the American accent. Now I wonder if you recognize German accents or is German too harsh or complicated (in terms of listening) for a non native speaker to hear the differences? I am from the midwest of Germany and moved to the southernmost of Germany – and I had and have my troubles understanding "German" down here…

  2. I think the reason for TK Max as opposed to TJ Max is the German pronounciation. Not-english speaking Germans will say it in German and then Tee Kaa Max sounds much better than Tee Jott Maxx. Just a guess, though 🙂

  3. Haha die Frau bei 1:19min ist die Kaffesäuferin von Heidelberg, die hängt auf der anderen Seite nur im McDonalds und säuft Kaffe,. Wenn jemand nach Heidelberg kommt und in McD geht, sieht diese Frau. Touristenattraktion eben

  4. Hy Nalf…. I really like to watch your movies here on youtube. And I really like your drone videos. Just keep in mind that you should be careful about them and get some legal information as well as I do not want you to get into trouble with the authorities.

  5. Dunno if you've been to Bamberg yet, but I HIGHLY recommend, it's a beautiful old city with lots of buildings left untouched from the world wars. Should be kinda close to you, too.

  6. After spending 3 Years with this dude I finally made it to one of his Videos hahahahahaha Thanks NALF great day can´t eait to have all of you guys there for the BBQ 😉 Keep it up // Rollcorn

  7. The first church you showed is the one my sister married in in 2012. It was so fucking hot…. And walking up to the Philosophenweg via the Schlangenweg…. I would NEVER!! do that. (Again)
    If you come back some day, go into the castle and look at the Große Faß. It contained (yes, they used it) 221.726 liters. Plus the pharmacy museum. And the Karzer (student prison). And the Schloßgarten. And the Vetters Brauerei (good food and beer). And the Rittersprung (nice story :D).

  8. It was the wrong dicision to travel to Heidelberg. In one of your vlogs you told us, that germany isn´t bavaria or B-W. But the only places, where you moved are bavaria and B-W. You have no idea about the real germany. Only the Disney-Version! Travel to the north. Hamburg, North Sea, Baltic sea ….. It´s so fascinating and beautiful. But you will never get to know germany, when you´re always walk through oldtowns in bavaria. They all looks the same! "Oh! A castle!"

  9. Bamberg. Its a world heritage site. No more to say. Just came back from Görlitz. The place is the the easternmost city of germany. Behind Dresden. They call it Görliwood because they film a lot of movies there.Heidelberg is nice, but overrated.;-) If you talk to any older american you hear: black forest, Heidelberg, and Hofbräuhaus…lame..

  10. Now that you've been to Heidelberg, stretch a wee and visit Koblenz/Coblenza and see the castle riding up on the funicular and see Einheit monument were the rivers merge giving the impresion that the Deutsches heimat is ship is sailing. Ah!, you'd see the beauty that your compatriots tried to flatten/dynamite but Deutschland is AUFERSTANDEN AUS RUINEN (Punt INTENDED!!)

  11. I'm not too sure there's many more Americans left. There used to be two or three American army bases plus NATO headquarters in the city. I think most of it's gone now though

  12. It's funny that we have Universities in Germany that do exist longer than the US as a nation. And you need to start to listen to more german music, reading, speaking and listening to the music of a language is a great way to get it into your head. So just start listening to "Peter Fox", the album is called "Stadtaffe", it's one of the greatest german albums of all time, if not the greatest. There's no person in this world who dislikes it.

  13. If you want to see some old stuff go to Xanten. There is one of the biggest archaeological open air museums in the world and an old roman settlement (almost 2.500 years old). I think it is the oldest (recorded) settlement / town in Germany

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