The Killers – Stay at Argentina 2007 Sam’s City Tour – Yeah Festival (Full Demonstrate)


The Killers Stay at Rock am Ring 2013 (entire set):

The Killers Stay at T in the Park 2009 (entire demonstrate):

The Killers Stay at Glastonbury 2007 (entire demonstrate):

The Killers Stay at Rock am Ring 2009 (entire demonstrate):

The Killers Stay from Abbey Street 2007 (entire demonstrate):

Brandon Flowers Stay from Abbey Street 2011 (entire demonstrate):


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  1. I miss SMsTown era so much and it makes me want to cry. March 2018, they will finally back to Brazil and like a purist victim, this is like a dream come true. However, I'm a little sad about Mark and Dave not being in the tour and about the time that passed so fast. Miss my men, SO MUCH! And love them so hard, want they live forever… please universe, protect them!

  2. Wish I could have seen them during the Sam's Town tour. Even when they do the Sam's Town songs now, lacks the intensity and passion of this tour for some reason.

  3. Escuchando estos primeros conciertos, te das cuenta que los ultimos conciertos son casi perfectos… nada de cositas de sonidos, la voz de brandon ha ido mejore y mejore… uff que cosas, pensar que peude haber mejora despues de lo que son hoy…

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