The Italian Road Trip: Amalfi Coast

We drove back to the ocean and based ourselves in Vico Equense for 4 days. On one of these days we took a bus to Positano, one of the Amalfi coast’s many towns – the most popular, too.

Positano… hah, more like “Posita-no you can’t swim here this is a private beach”

But seriously, there’s only about a 10mΒ² area of the beach that you can freely use. Wow I sound like an angry dad on Trip Advisor. Nevertheless, Positano’s a rly cool place – you should visit πŸ™‚

I would’ve liked to have seen more of this region, but you know how the saying goes, ‘time flies when you’ve crammed an overly ambitious list of locations into a 3 week road trip and end up staying a maximum of 3 nights in each place’


Music by Pools

Words by David Steindl-Rast


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