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  1. "Let me tell you why I do not believe in the Holocaust. 

    Here is the blueprint for Crematorium II, where an alleged 500,000 Jews were gassed:…toriumiibp.jpg 

    This is a rather ineffective design for a gas chamber meant to murder thousands of people. Basically, 2,000 or so Jews are told to go underground to that elongated room to the left, told to undress, then told to go through a tiny door into an even smaller elongated room, where they are gassed. 

    This is a very inefficient design. For one thing, there would be thousands of bodies to take care of. Ignoring problems with Zyklon-B residue, you would have to drag everyone into a small 4'x9' elevator which then leads up to the crematorium which has 5 blocks of 3 muffles (totaling 15 muffles). Now cremations are supposed to take a good hour or so, but we are expecting to believe the Nazis were able to cremate 2,000 Jews in 15 muffles in under an hour. How? It's a miracle. 

    But notice how I marked "700 people" at the end, with 70 feet to go. Let's say the average person was 135 pounds. According to Sonderkommando testimony, 15 minutes after the gassings commenced, the Nazis magically ventilated the room from Zyklon-B, and they would drag them to a small 4' X 9' elevator and then to the crematoriums. 2,000 people in mere minutes. 

    Now even for strong people, dragging 135 pounds is tough, especially when you have to do it for 700 people through 70 feet plus an elevator. I think I know how these Sonderkommandos did it – they did it in their imaginations. 

    If the Nazis truly were going to build a homicidal this would be a far more effective design:…veyorbuilt.png(excuse a couple misspellings and poor Paint usage, did this right now) 

    If the Nazis did plan to murder Jews, that design would be far more effective. Not only is the alleged method of extermination preposterous, but it's downright impossible. No oven capacity or fuel to cremate more than 1/8th of the number claimed to have been cremated there. Robert van Pelt confirmed that there is a record of the coke deliveries to Birkenau back when he mistakenly thought you could cremate an emaciated body with 3.5 kg of coke. We know from other camp records that it takes about 30 kg. Now he's dropped the coke issue, as has Lipstadt. 

    This isn't even going to include the ventilation issues, or lack of residue – the design that is used to allegedly murder Jews is impossible period. 

    After the U.S. executes a man in a gas chamber, according to DPIC "At postmortem, an exhaust fan sucks the poison air out of the chamber, and the corpse is sprayed with ammonia to neutralize any remaining traces of cyanide. About a half an hour later, oderlies enter the chamber, wearing gas masks and rubber gloves. Their training manual advises them to ruffle the victim's hair to release any trapped cyanide gas before removing the deceased. (Weisberg, 1991)" 

    So first the gas stops sublimating, then an exhaust fan sucks out the poison air and the corpse is sprayed with ammonia to neutralize the cyanide gas. Then, a half hour later orderlies in protective gear remove the body. It might not take twenty hours to complete this process but it sure as hell didn't take a half hour or so before 2,000 people could be removed. 

    And even then after proper ventilation, there would have been lots of small spaces inside the pile of corpses filled with HCN gas. And how about corpses falling over the Zyklon-B pellets? There would still be lots of HCN in them even after hours of ventilation. 

    The alleged gas chamber was 99 feet length and 30 feet width. Area of a rectangle is simple WL so the area was 2,970 feet. The average size of a person is 1.6feet wide, and .8 feet deep. So you can make one row of 14 people across 23 feet THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE GAS CHAMBER. The density of that amount of people is impossible unless you have military training and strict discipline. There is no way the 2,000 (and Sonderkommandos even claim there were 2,500 Jews at some times! WOW!) people could fit in that room, especially if there were alleged wiremesh columns where the Zyklon-B pellets were dropped. 

    Overall the Holocaust story just does not add up no matter which way you look at it – it's impossible."

    Golly, facts. Who would have thought.

  2. I saw a documentary about a rabi in israel or whatver they are called and the way he thinks about the rest of the world, their perception about the rest of humanity, and believe me their not far away from Hitler's, this guy was taling about them being a higher race, the chosen ones and the rest of us well…so that's why I personally don't feel sorry for them. Do your research before wasting your time and oxygen feeling "sorry", remember ..things happens for a reason.

  3. Mars 2018 State of Oklahoma. State running out of poison..they are now investigeting using Nitrogene gas. Oklahomas count is currently 112 way ahead of Texas. per capita. Cyklone B could not be purshased.
    Who talks about denying?

  4. I try not to understand but rather comprehend how the hate festered and grew into what occured in those dark days. Watching and trying to learn about the victims of the holocaust always gives me a lump and pain in the throat and makes me feel sad and wanting to cry. Even though it happened long ago, the world should never forget, how and why, generations on, do the younger Jews of the world learn of what happened and not be forever consumed with hate. I would be if I was Jewish and was taught about this from older relatives. Who would you hate? Anyone understand what I mean and does deal with what I'm talking about?

  5. There was a good reason for this. They are the root of all evil. Why would such a cunning ruthless smart man like Hitler waste so much time, money, manpower, and resources to kill off millions if he didn't have to? (And I don't believe that the number was that large, the photos include many non-Jew European war prisoners. What ever happened to the photos when tens of millions of Russians were murdered in the USSR? What did the Jewish communists use them for?). The Jews were an independent atheist communist nation within themselves, completely treasonous in any country they happened to be in, nothing but deadly cancerous parasites. Today its them that are doing these things to the general population, just on a larger scale. They have taken the whole world by the throat, causing every major war in modern world history, and financing both sides to reap the profits and control the powerful winner. All the illicit and illegal industries (no matter how terrifying and heartbreaking) are under Jewish control. You have no idea what they do to people. Their philosophy is, "we feed them toxins, they get sick and come to us for help, we then treat them with more poisons!"  Wake up idiots! And if you disagree with this, just side with the kikes and become another victim for them to exploit.          When the kikes murdered the Russian royals 100-years ago they glorified the act as a Jew-ritual murder. Shortly after WWII when the filthy Jews took full control of half the world through communism there was an anti-communist revolt for freedom in Hungary. Do you know what the Jew-led communists did?….They rounded up ALL of the freedom fighters and sent them to a detaining center where they were all fed into meat-grinders, the remains used as fertilizer.

  6. Germany,France and England all had a lovey pack with each other,when will the real truth come out as to why the Holocaust happened?.. The gas chambers were first used on Germans with disabilities and those who were considered the non perfect race as a test run. So many chances for Hilter to have been assassinated,The Jews weren’t the only race to suffer. To those who think the holocaust never happened I don’t feel sorry for you I think your pathetic,I had the privilege of getting to know survivors and talking with them,my grandparents and relatives were there the tattooed numbers were real the scaring and trauma beyond words the survivors did what they had to do to survive in the camps. I pray for WW3 to never happen

  7. "The British knew there were gas chambers there – so why on earth didn't they bomb Auschwitz?" If America has a problem with school shootings, Britain has a weird logistical problem with reflexically dropping bombs on things that, instead of needing to be blown up thus causing hundreds more innocent deaths in a totally uncontrolled way, need the exact opposite – rescue and aid. There were thousands of Jews stuck in Auschwitz – bombing Auschwitz would have been executing those people just as much as the Nazis executing them.

  8. I wish LIERS LIKE YOU would STOP puting fake allied propaganda like this up. The so called Holocaust NEVER HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!!!. Adolf Hitler was a great and wounderful man and National Solcializim was the best form of governing ever created.FU for puting up these lies!!!

  9. I want to make them a film about that time when Hitler was alive, I'm pretty sure I would cry, cuz it would be sad seeing so many people killed in a horrible way.

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