The Grand Tour Sport – Time 3 Episode one – Motown Funk – Entire Walkthrough #Germany #vacation

:05 – Intro
six:21 – Scene one – Greet The Demon
7:55 – Scene 2 – Fizzy Countdown
nine:42 – Scene 3 – Tyre Squeal Symphony
13:fifty seven – Scene 4 – Let us Not Get Bogged Down
sixteen:11 – Scene five – Tranquil as a Trainwreck
17:46 – Scene six – Can not Listen to You, Mate
19:24 – Scene 7 – Where’s My Earplugs?
23:31 – Scene 8 – Blunderdome
twenty five:01 – Scene nine – Assault The Lap
28:twenty five – Scene 10 – Likely Sideways Yet again
32:32 – Scene 11 – A Straightforward 1000-HP Travel
33:fifty seven – Scene twelve – You Can Do Improved
35:twelve – Scene 13 – Defeat It
36:43 – Scene 14 – Set Up or Shut Up
42:07 – Scene 15 – Smoke Receives In Your…
43:22 – Scene sixteen – Supernatural Showdown

Gameplay from Xbox 1 model


#TheGrandTourGame #TheGrandTour



  1. For future people who can't read title or video description:
    The Grand Tour Game is an episodic racing game from Amazon Games based on the hit Prime Original series, The Grand Tour. Featuring seamless transitions from clips of the show to gameplay, plus original voice acting from the three hosts,.

  2. I have been fan of Top Gear/Grand Tour since I was in high school (2009.) I'm from Michigan, USA and still don't know why they haven't gone deeper into the state than Detroit. A road trip special starting at the Belle Isle (lower peninsula) race track all the way up to copper harbor (upper peninsula.) There's some really great roads along the way, lots of sights to see, and not to mention going across the Mackinac Bridge. Even come and see the Woodward dream cruise. Just some thoughts, because I feel like every time they come to Detroit they kind of make it seem like a shit show…

  3. lol this game looks so shitty. You could tell when the Hoonigans had to mention the game for that crazy gadget video series they made…they werent into it, now making the dumb ass contraptions.. they were totally down for.

  4. being from the detroit area i knew this was going to be a bad time to watch lol if you are ever in the city you can barely drive your car the speed limit because of all the cars all over the place let alone have a drag race on the streets

  5. …what a load of CRAP with the games crap in it – I lost the humor or any sense of realism – what – are you trying to sell me – a gaming consol game ?? – which I DETEST – or – are you trying to entertain me and inform/educate me – CRAP CRAP CRAP – I switch you off now – and doubt – I would watch a single other one of this series…

    …disappointed …☘️…

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