The grand Tour of Palazzo Steyn | Top Billing

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  1. just tooooo much ……. I would feel un easy living in this concrete block …. wanting to show everybody how much time money and effort I needed to do this to acquire wealth .

  2. I try to tell myself that I don't begrudge people that can build a dream home like this if they've put the work in to achieve that wealth, but when you think about WHERE they built this estate…… millions of people could've been helped out of poverty with this money.

  3. I like the aqueduct. The structure is huge but I'm not fan with the old old fashioned design. Looks so expensive and crowded too much of too much even though there nobodys there to live yet. so massive

  4. That's my dream home ! I pass there almost everyday ever since I saw that construction started to the finish of it. The style of Steyn resembles me a lot . This really showed me you don't give up easily so it still encourages me to be more passionate about my career!

    Douwe Steyn really inspires me !

  5. She gets accolades for blankets while living in gross excess? When one car could get several families fed and housed? Disgusting

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