the $fifty,000 hotel home…

Motels typically range in price tag however some have been unquestionably created with the prosperous in thoughts. With some inns averaging-from $fifty,000 every single night, Stick all-around as we rely down 5 of the
most expensive hotel rooms at any time to exist!

Atlantis Palm Resort
New York Palace Resort
Burj Al Arab Resort
Palms On line casino Resort Resort
Four Seasons Resort

Major credit rating to the ‘ Wall Road Journal ‘ for some footage

the most expensive hotel rooms on earth, you will not likely believe that they in fact exist, insane inns only the richest can pay for



  1. Last hotel I was in,I pulled back the sheets and seen pubic hairs all over the bed,asked to have the bed changed,and was told it had already been done,asked for a re fund and had to argue the point,but eventually got a refund,..and to think “comfort “ in wow

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